Governance tool for sustainable water resources allocation in the Mediterranean through stakeholder’s collaboration

Towards a paradigm shift in groundwater management by end-users


What is GOTHAM?

GOTHAM is a PRIMA MED-funded project which aims at developing and validating a user-driven tool that enables effective groundwater governance for the improvement of the management and preservation of this strategic resource in the Mediterranean basin. The developed tool, the GOTHAM Tool (GTool) uses an integrated methodological approach that targets optimal allocation of water resources from an environmental, social and economic perspective taking into account the stakeholders’ knowledge, their priorities and behaviour. It will provide a common framework for collaboration and engagement of the different water users (agricultural communities, municipalities and industrial users) and other relevant stakeholders such as water producers, water operators and regulators.

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Use cases

Use Case - Campo De Dalías

Campo De Dalías


Campo de Dalías is located at the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, specifically in the southwest of the province of Almeria. It is located in the Hydrological Subsystem III-4, within the Hydrographic Demarcation of the Andalusian Mediterranean Basins…

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Use Case - Laat Baalbeck-Hermel, Lebanon

Iaat, Baalbeck-Hermel district


Iaat is a town and municipality located in the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon in the North eastern part of the country with an area of about 42 km2. Administratively related to Baalbeck-Hermel Governorate (Baalbeck district)…

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Use Case - Azraq Basin-Zarqa

Azraq Basin-Zarqa


The Azraq area includes eight districts: South Azraq; North Azraq; Omari; Ein Al Baida; Eastern Farms area; Um Al Mathayel; Degaileh; and the air force base. The total population of Azraq district is estimated at around 18,000 inhabitants…

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