GOTHAM approach

GOTHAM is collaborative innovation project that aims at creating a water management tool, called GTool, to tackle water scarcity in the ground water around the Mediterranean basin. The GTool will use a big data analytical system and will include six analytical modules: water balance and water quality dynamics module, water availability and demand forecasting module, Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) and aquifer remediation module, agro-economic module, user’s engagement module, optimised water allocation module.

The project is based on co-creation. An important stakeholder engagement process will be implemented during the project and involve relevant stakeholders, including water supply managers and regulators, environmental and conservation NGOs, farming groups and community groups from Spain, Lebanon and Jordan. Co-creation workshops will be organised in order to define the features of the GTool. Therefore, the GTool will be designed by the stakeholders and for the stakeholders

The GTool will be deployed in several different use cases: Campo De Dalías, Spain; Iaat Baalbeck-Hermel, Lebanon; Azrag Basin-Zarqa, Jordan. These use cases will enable to test the GTool and to improve it iteratively.