The National Agricultural Research Center (NARC)


  • Role in the project:

    • Active participation of laboratory and extension agents’ staff to all proposed project activities in Jordan (surveys, establishment of demonstration plots and pilot farms, comprised field measurements and data collection of parameters related to the implementation and integration of the G-Tool, farmers training, training of extension agents, visibility and awareness rising activities).
    • Provision of adequate laboratory facilities for the analysis of soil, plant and water samples, needed for evaluation of the pilot activities. Main activities included support to implementation and follow-up of all project activities, dissemination of best management practices to improve ground water governance and improve physical irrigation water quantity and quality delivered to farmers.
    • Development of training materials and conduction of farmers training, and organization of exchange visits. Organization of international training workshops dedicated to specific themes and modelling of the G-Tool.
    • Building data base and networks to improve regional co-ordination of present and future actions in water governance and water saving and to establish a Mediterranean-wide convention to strengthen communication and sharing of experience among relevant researchers, decision and policy makers, and end-users.
  • Core competences: Excellence, Innovation and Creativity, Transparency, Knowledge Management, Participation and Social Responsibility.

  • Link to the Website:

  • Name of the main contact: Dr. Luna Al-Hadidi

NARC is the principle agricultural research institution on the national level. It consists of a main headquarter in Al-Balqaa – Ain Al- Basha and 8 regional centers located in Dair Alla, Ramtha, Mafraq, Mshaggar, Rabba, Tafilleh, Wadi Araba and Shobbak, 13 research stations representing different agro-ecological conditionsand 20 scientific and service labs throughout Jordan. NARC is a governmental institution, which works under the umbrella of Ministry of Agriculture. It receives its core funding from the government. Other direct funds are obtained from national and international donors to finance the implementation of proposed research projects. NARC Vision: A distinguished center in Agricultural Research, for the optimal use of available resources geared to achieve a sustainable agricultural growth. NARC Goals: i)adopt the latest research findings from local and other sources for the purpose of improving agriculturalproduction, ii) conservation, preservation, and sustainable use of natural resources, iii) achieve and maintain food sufficiency, iv) maintain ecological balance through sustainable use of available resources without jeopardizing environmental status.