Fundación Centro Andaluz de Investigaciones del Agua

Spain (Coordinator)

  • Role in the project: CETAQUA is the project coordinator and will take the leading of WP2, WP5 and WP8. Also CETAQUA will lead the CoP organized in Spain (WP1), have a key role in development of the analytics layer of GTool (WP4) and participate in replication and business model definition (WP6)

  • Core competences: Research, innovation, thinking forward, integrated water resources management, environment,  groundwater governance , application of data analytics, raising awareness.

  • Link to the Website:

Cetaqua Andalucía (Spain) is a technology center that started its activity in 2014, created by Hidralia, Universidad de Málaga (UMA) and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). Cetaqua is a model of public-private collaboration that was created to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the water cycle while taking regional needs into account. This model has consolidated as a benchmark in the application of the academic knowledge to water and to the environment by creating products and services that benefit society. Cetaqua integrates, manages and executes research, technological development and innovation projects in the integral water cycle in order to provide innovative solutions to the companies, public administrations and the society. Cetaqua has come into a technological center of reference in the creation of knowledge and development and validation of technologies and solutions related to the integral water cycle.

Cetaqua is comprised of four independent centers with a common action strategy. The Andalucía centre is focused in two main areas of activity: 1) Water 4.0, solutions for digital transformation and 2) Water resources, production and regeneration, which has as a work priority lines (among others) he Conservation of groundwater protection and aquifer research via MAR and the characterization of aquifer status. The Cetaqua centres have a portfolio of more than 60 publicly funded collaborative projects.