Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica


  • Role in the project: ENG leads WP4 – Development and integration of the GOTHAM tool. Specifically, ENG is responsible for the overall architecture design of the GOTHAM Tool (T4.1), the development of its Data Layer and Service Layers (T4.2, T4.4), its integration and deployment on the cloud infrastructure (T4.5) for the project’s case studies.

  • Core competences: systems integration, FIWARE, data management, data visualization

  • Link to the Website:

  • Name of the main contact: Roberto Di Bernardo

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A (ENG) is the head company of the ENGINEERING Group. ENG was founded in 1980 and is currently the first IT group in Italy and among the top 10 IT groups in Europe, with around 12,000 employees and 65 offices distributed in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Republic of Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil and the USA. In 2019, consolidated revenues were 1.27 billion Euros.

The Group supports the Digital Transformation of public and private organizations with a complete offer combining system and business integration, outsourcing, cloud services, consulting and proprietary solutions. ENG designs, develops and manages innovative solutions for various business segments, including Smart Energy & Utilities, Smart Government & E-Health, Augmented City, Digital Industry, Digital Finance, Digital Media & Communication.

ENG combines specialist competences in next-generation technologies (including e.g. AI & Advanced analytics, IoT, Cloud), the capability to interpret new business models and technological infrastructures organized in a single hybrid multi-cloud thanks to its integrated network of 4 Data Centers that meet the best technology, quality and security standards.

Since 1987 ENG capability for innovation is supported by its Research & Development Unit, organized across 5 development laboratories specialized for research areas. With around 40 million Euros in annual investments in R&I and a team of around 420 researchers, ENG plays a leading role in research, by participating currently in over 80 national and international research projects and taking part in several international research initiatives. ENG is among the main ICT players that support the FIWARE initiative and co-founder of the FIWARE Foundation, member of Water Europe, full member of BDVA, core partner of EIT Digital, member of EIT Climate-KIC, ECSO, EOS and IDSA, partner of AIOTI.

ENG participates in GOTHAM mainly through the Open Public Service Innovation Lab, part of R&D Unit, whose research area is focused on Smart City and Public Sector domains. The OPSI Lab is directly involved in Water Europe WG Water & ICT.