Our first project newsletter is out !

It includes detailed information about the GOTHAM project, about its three use cases in Spain, Lebanon & Jordan and about our advancements in these three locations.

Here is a short summary:

The GOTHAM project aims at providing a tool capable of allowing data exchange between the different stakeholders and water users and at integrating this highly valuable information in groundwater governance decisions-making. To design this tool, the GOTHAM team will use a co-creation process. Three pilot cases have been designated with different types of challenges: Campo de Dalias in Spain, Iaat Baalbeck-Hermel in Lebanon and Azrag Basin in Jordan.

In the three locations, the GOTHAM team has advanced on the Mapping of stakeholders. In Jordan and in Lebanon, 45 and 25 stakeholders respectively where interviewed including water producers, end-users, water suppliers, regulators and organisations. In Spain, the GOTHAM team has installed 4 multi-parameter sensors (CTD-Diver) in four wells all around Campo de Dallas with the aim to observe the quantity and quality variation of groundwater by monitoring the piezometric level and electrical conductivity of each sector of the deep aquifers.

To read the complete Newsletter follow the link : GOTHAM – Newsletter #1